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The world’s first AI-powered COVID-19 test launched in the UAE

The UAE has launched its COVID-19 vaccination program, and chances are you too are preparing to get the vaccine at one of the many vaccination sites across the country. Having said that, COVID-19 testing remains an integral part of any country’s health strategy until we’ve put this pandemic behind us. And on that note, this Pacific Prime Dubai article will talk about the world’s first AI-powered COVID-19 test launched in the UAE, which can also detect the new variant of the virus.

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Who has developed this AI-powered COVID-19 test?

Candian firm Laipac Technology has partnered with UAE companies YAS Pharmaceuticals and Pure Health. Together, the trio have rolled out the world’s first AI-powered COVID-19 rapid antigen test system.

How is the AI-powered COVID-19 test better than other rapid antigen tests?

Most COVID-19 rapid antigen tests are based on visual interpretations of the color signal, which is hard for positive cases with low viral loads. Moreover, healthcare workers make time-sensitive decisions to interpret the result, and their judgment may be clouded by stress, lighting, etc.

As such, this AI-powered COVID-19 rapid antigen test is a welcome plus. It utilizes a highly-accurate algorithm and eliminates human errors. In fact, it is the most reliable antigen test on the planet. To top it off, it also gives the result much faster than any other rapid antigen test.

Having a quick, accurate, and reliable COVID-19 diagnosis is important in the fight against the pandemic. It can lower transmission of the novel coronavirus, as well as help with both clinical management and resource allocation.

Here are some highlights:

  • Provides the test results in 5 to 8 minutes. In comparison, most other rapid antigen tests give results between 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Delivers the results with 97.4% sensitivity and 98.3% specificity in detecting COVID-19. This does not need to rely on visual interpretation like most other rapid antigen tests, and eliminates human errors arising from various factors clouding their judgment.
  • Has a detection limit at Ct 29, so it can detect patients with low viral loads. Whereas most rapid antigen tests have detection limits at Ct 18 to 24 and can only detect high viral loads.
  • Maintains a powerful backend that does AI image analysis and record tests automatically, unlike most other antigen tests.
  • Releases the test results to patients with no human errors in the process.
  • Gives API to patients in order to conduct testing and tracing in real time. With other rapid antigen tests, the process of tracing is slow or non-existing.

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How can one use the AI-powered COVID-19 test?

The AI-powered COVID-19 is smartphone-based. Ramzi Hussein, senior account manager at Pure Health, explained how the entire process works. This will require a mobile app, reader device and kit with antigen cassette droppers, buffer tubes, and nasal swabs.

For now, the test is only being used in certain areas and has not been made public yet. However, developers are trying to get it integrated into the Al Hosn app, which is the official COVID-19 testing channel for health authorities in the UAE.

 Here are the steps:

  1. Take a nasal swab

(Note: The samples are collected by putting the nasal swab just one into the nostril on both sides, in contrast to other tests that go up all the way to the nose. As such, it doesn’t cause any discomfort or pain.)

  1. Add the sample into the buffer solution and stir it
  1. Use a dropper to transfer a two-three drops of the sample to the cassette

(Tip: Make sure that the tip of the dropper does not touch the cassette)

  1. Put the cassette into the reader, which will be connected to the smartphone app

Here is how you get the results:

Once the barcode in the cassette has been scanned, you will receive a unique sample number. If two lines appear on the cassette, this means that the test result is positive. In around 5 to 8 minutes, you will get the results back on the app.

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