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Do you need a medical test for UAE visa applications?

Planning to get a visa in the UAE? The Emirates has always required new residents to go through a medical test process for their visa application. However, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently introduced a number of COVID-19 restrictions. For instance, specific groups are exempted from the medical fitness tests. You may also find that some medical fitness centers are closed. With that said, do you still need a medical fitness test for your UAE visa applications, and how do you obtain one?

Find out in Pacific Prime’s guide to visa applications in the UAE under COVID-19 restrictions.

What is a medical fitness test?

You need both a medical fitness test and proof of compliant health insurance in the final stage of your visa application. Note: all expats who work in the UAE are required to secure a work permit. See our comprehensive guide to getting a work permit and visa in the UAE to learn more.

The medical test involves two parts: a blood test and a chest X-ray. These tests screen you for a range of diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Syphilis, and Hepatitis B.

Keep in mind that all resident expats have to undergo testing for tuberculosis during visa renewal. Find out how the disease can affect your application by reading our article on tuberculosis and UAE visas.

How much does a medical fitness test cost?

The cost of a regular medical fitness test in Dubai is AED 320. Keep in mind that these tests take some time to be issued. So, the price varies depending on how quickly you want to see your test results. Consider paying extra if you are in a rush to meet your visa application deadline.

Here is a snapshot of what is on the Dubai Health Authority’s price list for medical fitness tests:

  • Regular (test results come within 5 working days): AED 320
  • Urgent (within 48 hours): AED 430
  • Urgent (within 24 hours): AED 530
  • VIP (within 4 hours): AED 700

You will be notified via email and SMS as soon as your test results come out.

Where can you get tested in Dubai?

The test can be done in any of the authorized medical fitness centers. You can see a list of all medical examination centers in different emirates here. It is important to bear in mind that many centers are temporarily closed because of the new restrictions, while others remain partially opened. Looking to get your medical testing done soon? Remember to take note of the new business hours during this time.

Here is a list of all reopened Dubai Health Authority (DHA) medical fitness centers:

  • Al Muhaisnah Medical Fitness Center
  • JLT Medical Fitness Center
  • Al Nahda Occupational Center
  • Dubai Health Care City (DHCC) Medical Fitness Center
  • Knowledge Village Medical Fitness Center
  • Smart Salem VIP Medical Fitness Center (for VIP services only)

If your visa was issued in the other emirates, you should visit a preventive medicine department under the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).

The following MOHAP centers have reopened in Dubai:

  • Salah Al Din Preventive Medicine Center
  • Al Nahda Preventive Medicine Center
  • Ibn Battuta Preventive medicine Center

What is a smart medical fitness test?

VIPs, investors, and holders of the golden residency visa take note. You can complete your medical fitness tests, get your results and visa stamped all within 30 minutes. Located in City Walk, Smart Salem is the first fully Artificial Intelligence-driven medical fitness center in Dubai. This smart medical fitness test will cost you AED 700.

Who is exempted from the medical fitness test?

Several groups of people are exempted from the medical test process. Under the new COVID-19 restrictions, laborers and domestic workers whose permits have expired are exempted. In fact, they had their residence visas automatically renewed on March 25th this year. Also, those with a visitors visa have never needed a medical fitness test.

Who needs to undergo the medical fitness test?

Do you hold a Dubai-issued residence visa or are you applying for one? If your answer is yes to either question, you will need to take the medical fitness test. The test is also mandatory for those who are applying for a new employment, family, or investor/partner visa.

COVID-19 UAE visa update

Were you unable to leave the UAE before your residence or visitors visa expired? There is some good news. The UAE authorities have announced that holders of expired entry permits and visas from August 11, 2020, can stay for another month. If you are ineligible for the deadline extension or if your visa has been canceled, this is what you can do.

Medical insurance requirement in Dubai

All residents (including expats) are required by law to have at least the basic level of Dubai health insurance coverage at all times. That is why you should make sure that you have a comprehensive health insurance plan before relocating to the UAE.

Our team of expert insurance advisors will be happy to find the right plan for you. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we are adept at balancing your needs with your budget. Contact us for an obligation-free quote today!


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