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Achieving Work Life Balance Among Employees in the UAE

To achieve work life balance in the workplace, as employers there are several ways you can help your employees achieve a healthy work life balance to boost morale within the workplace and increase the overall productivity of your workforce.

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Helping employees achieve work life balance in the UAE is more than just a good benefit for your employees but also vital for optimizing productivity in the workplace.

Are you looking for alternative ways to boost productivity in your workplace? In this article, we will cover how you can help your employees achieve work life balance and improve your employee benefits to keep your employees motivated at work.

Importance of Work Life Balance in the UAE

A healthy work life balance is important especially in emirates in the UAE like Dubai where because of the transient nature of the city, the turnover rate can be high as people come and go rapidly. By helping employees achieve work life balance, you can optimize productivity and retention rate.

Work life balance is more than just striking a balance between work and personal life but a shift in lifestyle to ensure that the time one spends out of the office is time spent taking care of both physical and mental health through optimizing your employee benefits, you can provide your employees with the means to take preventative care for their wellbeing.

How to Help Employee Achieve Work Life Balance

There are many ways a company can help their employees achieve a healthy work life balance, from setting clear goals and recognizing individual achievements, to implementing flexible working hours and setting clear tasks and expectations for individual employees.

Flexible Working Hours

By offering flexible working hours to your employees, they will be able to have more control over their personal schedules and better balance their work and personal lives to set aside work and work on their personal relationships and wellbeing.

Clear Expectations

It is important to communicate to your employees on the expectations on working hours, availability, response times, and daily tasks. This gives your employees a better understanding of their role and reduces stress and the pressure to be constantly available for work.

Training and Development Programs

Providing employees with sufficient training and development programs can not only help your employees to perform their tasks proficiently, but also ensure that they won’t be put in a situation where they would feel lost or confused about how to complete their tasks, reducing mental fatigue.

Leading by Example

Employees can feel pressured when their leaders sacrifice their personal lives for work, and this makes it difficult for them to achieve a work life balance. An effective way to promote a healthy work life balance is to have leaders lead by example.

When leaders demonstrate the importance of work life balance and practice it in their own lives, it empowers employees to do the same and puts pressure on employees who feel that they need to sacrifice their personal lives in order to achieve success.

How Employee Benefits Can Improve Work Life Balance

Optimizing your employee benefits can be a useful tool to promote healthy work life balance to your employees. Crucially, providing care and support for employees can increase their desire to stay with the company.

Implement wellness initiatives and preventative care into your employee benefits to allow your employees better their mental and physical wellbeing during their off-times. When employees take better care of themselves, they also reduce the chance of getting sick, effectively reducing sick leaves.

Employers can also implement flex benefits for their employee benefits, giving employees the power to control what they want to be covered on. Employees have their own personal needs and requirements, flex benefits can ensure that each individual can create their own plan for their needs.


Working in the UAE, especially in emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, achieving work life balance can be hard due to the emirates’ fast-paced work environment and transient nature. Employers can help employees achieve work life balance by flexible working hours as well as implementing flex benefits.

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