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Employee Benefits in Dubai

Pacific Prime offers a range of bespoke employee benefits plans that can meet the exact needs of your workforce. Secure a well-rounded employee benefits plan from one of the many insurance partners we work with.

Employee Benefits in Dubai

Employee Benefits in Dubai

The world we live in is changing fast. It is clear that the workforce in Dubai (and across the UAE) are looking beyond their paychecks and reaching out to businesses that cater directly to their other needs like health, wellness, personal development, and support.

Indeed, such benefits have become an integral part of most employee compensation these days. Moving forward, businesses in the UAE will have to make the right decisions to make offers competitive enough to attract the right minds and talents into their workforce. The same can be said of existing employees and tempting them to stay loyal to your business’s growth, ambitions, and survival.

Make a start and consider securing a customizable employee benefits package.

What do the best Dubai employee benefits plans cover?

A comprehensive employee benefits package can include the following:

Group health insurance for their employees

Comprehensive group health insurance policies are deemed as an essential pillar of successful employee benefits packages and typically cover a range of benefits, such as:

Wellness programs and packages

In a competitive and fast-developing region, employees have faced many consequences as a result of their hard work and successes. One such concern is the development of mental health problems and disorders. The pressure to succeed and excel in a region driven by results and rewards means vulnerable employees are likely to suffer a mental health condition like depression.

Wellness programs can offer you the opportunity to prevent your employees from suffering from mental health problems. In fact, they are regarded by many employee benefits specialists as an integral way to not only boost your employees' mental, physical, and spiritual health but also bolster their productivity and loyalty.

With that said, wellness plans can feature a wide range of benefits, such as:

Group life and disability insurance

This type of cover can offer your employees peace of mind. In the event the worse was to happen to their health or life due to work, assurances are made to ensure that their family and loved ones are financially protected.

For many breadwinners or single parents, the knowledge that they are covered can help them pursue their careers longer with the business. This is great for retaining experienced and skilled employees.

Discuss more with one of Pacific Prime Dubai’s employee benefits advisors.

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How do I find the best employee benefits plan in Dubai?

Choosing the right employee benefits package can be a daunting prospect even for the most veteran of human resource managers. With the business landscape changing rapidly, you’ll want to seek assistance from a professional insurance broker like Pacific Prime Dubai.

For years, Pacific Prime Dubai has been delivering comprehensive employee benefits solutions to companies in the UAE, including internationally recognized brands across different sectors. Talk to us today to get a free price comparison quote.