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Comprehensive Emirates Hills Guide for Expat Families

Emirates Hills is an upscale gated suburban community with freehold luxurious villas to offer. Known for its lush greenery, family-centric neighborhood, and convenient access to various urban and commercial areas, it is the perfect choice among expat families who look for premium living conditions.

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The area is renowned for encapsulating one of the most luxurious golf courses in the world, Montgomerie Golf Course. The villas are set around the associated Golf Club offering a splendid view of the 18-hole golf course, making the whole development one of the most expensive areas in Dubai.

Choosing the right place to live matters. In this Pacific Prime Dubai article, we will walk you through what factored Emirates Hills to be an exceptional choice for families with a big budget to make an informed and rational decision on whether the place is suitable for your living style.

Overview: Emirates Hills

People don’t choose Emirates Hills for no reason. Although it is a gated community, everything is within reach in minutes. Yet, all residents still enjoy superior security, a balanced lifestyle for all ages, and a picturesque view of the tree-lined pedestrian walk and the impeccable Dubai skyline.

Emirates Hills are divided into four sub-communities:

  • Dyaar Al Hambra
  • Montgomerie Maisonettes
  • Montgomerie Hills
  • Signature Villas

To delve deeper into the subject, let’s go over housing options, location and accessibility, amenities and activities, restaurants, entertainment, education institutions, and healthcare services in Emirates Hills in more detail, so you’ll have a wider picture of what is it like to live in the area.

Housing Options

Luxurious villas in Emirates Hills.

The only type of houses Emirates Hills has to offer is villas. The four sub-communities have been designed to offer different bits of spectacular views of the Montgomerie Course and embody a selection of family homes in a contemporary Arabian or Spanish Design, making these villas highly desirable.

If you are not tight on budget, Emirates Hills is the only place where you can build your dream house with the help of villa facades especially designed by international architects and designers. You can also add private gardens, grand entrance halls, and infinity pools as elements in your house.

Location and Accessibility

Aerial view of Dubai.

Emirates Hills is located in West Dubai, and South of Dubai Marina. The area is a 30-minute car drive away from Dubai International Airport (DIA), 15 minutes away from Jumeirah Palm and Dubai Marina, and 5 to 10 minutes away from neighborhood cities like the Meadows and Springs.

Nonetheless, a transport method of your own is absolutely necessary for residents in Emirates Hills as there is no public transport directly going into the area. If you decide to drive, the area has a direct connection to Sheikh Zayed Road, allowing convenient access to nearby districts.

For those who have to work, either you are required to drive straight to your workplace or drive to the closest metro station, which is Dubai Marina Mall Metro Station. Either way, you will be inside commercial areas like Dubai Media City (DMC) in no time!

Amenities and Activities

Dubai parks.

Accounting for the community’s lush greenery, Emirates Hills is not short of exotic parks. One of the most popular is the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Park (JLT Park). Located just a short drive away from the neighborhood, it provides a peaceful environment for a short walk and a playground for children.

Residents in Emirates Hills are automatically enrolled in the membership system of the community’s clubhouse. There is a gym and fitness amenities available inside. You can enjoy some quiet indoor fitness time as there are less than 700 households in the area.

Not everything can be found within this enclosed neighborhood. For grocery shopping, you will have to go to the closest supermarket 5 minutes away from your area, Spinneys in the Springs, to grab your daily necessities. You can also opt for other supermarkets whenever feasible.


Most of the restaurants in Emirates Hills are located in the Golf Club. Famous restaurants include Mediterranean restaurant Nineteen, international family restaurant Links, and the most popular American restaurant Monty’s which offers spectacular views of the 18-hole golf course.

Running out of dining ideas for family gatherings? Remember, you are close to literally everywhere. From modern world-class fine dining options around Dubai Marina, or casual cafes and restaurants in the Meadows and Springs Souk for a warm family gathering, you are provided with plenty of options.


Golfing in Montgomerie Golf Course.

As the community’s proudest infrastructure, you can’t miss out on the Montgomerie Golf Course. Situated in the heart of the posh area, it is the dream for all golf aficionados to swing their clubs on one of the most challenging golf courses in the world while enjoying the breathtaking landscape.

Troon Golf, the academy running the Golf Club, offers indoor and outdoor practice facilities with the help of world-class coaches. Children can also be specially treated with a golf camp in the summer. You and your family members can enjoy golfing even with no prior experience with the sport!

If you are looking for some natural sources of Vitamin D, you are less than a 15-minute drive from two of the most popular beaches in Dubai – Marina and Jumeirah Beach. You can take a walk along the coastline, jump in for a refreshing swim, or experience various water sports.

Splashing some cash occasionally can be de-stressing. You are surrounded by hundreds of retail outlets in the Springs Souk and a lot more in Dubai Marina Mall. After hours of intense shopping, lie down on the cinema chair either in Reel or Roxy Cinemas and enjoy a newly-released movie!

Facilities within the community clubhouse have you covered when you are feeling too lazy to go out. Get yourself treated with high-quality services and space out from work for some well-deserved relaxation after a busy week.

Education Institutions

Receiving education as residents in Emirates Hills.

Multiple schools within the community offer quality education. Despite not being the top schools in Dubai, there are three schools in Emirates Hills. Other than that, you can also choose schools in another district like Al Barsha for premium education of various curriculums.

Options within the community:

  • Raffle Nursery
  • Dubai International Academy (IB)
  • Dubai British School (UK)

Options outside the community:

  • Emirates International School (IB)
  • GEMS Dubai American Academy (American, IB)
  • King’s School Al Barsha (UK)

Emirates Hills is in close proximity to many of Dubai’s prestigious schools, so you won’t have to worry about your children’s education quality.

Healthcare Services

One of the most important factors when considering whether a place is a sustainable living area is its proximity to hospitals and clinics. The community itself does not accommodate any but doesn’t fall behind in this regard as the neighborhood offers good options.

The below clinics and hospitals comprise cutting-edge technology, numerous medical professionals, and state-of-the-art facilities for their patients:

If you prefer using private healthcare, securing expat or international health insurance is a sensible choice and gives you peace of mind.


Emirates Hills is a place that offers tranquility in its community area, while not forgoing the hustle and bustle of the city center. It is perfect for those who pursue a fine balance between urban and suburban life. That said, the villas target wealthy buyers and are nowhere near budget-friendly.

For cheaper alternatives to Emirates Hills, here are family-centric districts you might want to check out:

Whether you are going to choose Emirates Hills as your next location in your life journey, you are going to need expat or family health insurance to protect you and your family from any form of health risks. Pacific Prime Dubai can secure the most appropriate deal for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Emirates Hills a good place to live for expat families?

Emirates Hills is a family-friendly suburban area with a unique view of the Montgomerie Golf Course. The area is surrounded by serene lakes and lush greenery. Its location is also in close proximity to schools, kids’ playgrounds, hospitals, and shopping malls, making it ideal for families.

Who stays in Emirates Hills?

Emirates Hills is a popular choice among wealthy communities of Dubai, as the area comprises grand villas for less than 700 families. You can expect to see celebrities, and politicians living in the area.

How easily accessible is Emirates Hills?

Emirates Hills can easily be accessed by cars through 3 gate entrances. There is no public transport going into the area. In case you don’t know how to drive, you might have to take a taxi to the closest Dubai Marina Mall Metro station to get to your destination.

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