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Dubai Marina: The Expats’ Choice in Dubai

Sitting along the Persian gulf shoreline, Dubai Marina (Marsa Dubai) is a man-made marina filled with modern amenities from top-of-the-line healthcare and education to exciting activities and fantastic dining options for expats and expat families!

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Dubai Marina is a collection of close-knit communities just 20 minutes away from Business Bay, one of the central business districts of Dubai. Connected to the mainland through a series of bridges, the marina is just far enough from the busy district but not so far that you’ll miss all the action.

In this Pacific Prime UAE Expats Dubai Marina area guide, we’ll go through all the fantastic features of Dubai Marina that makes it a family friendly place to relocate to.

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Housing Options

The housing options in Dubai Marina is the very definition of modern urban living. Featuring a myriad of high rise apartments ranging from studio apartments to two-bedrooms and even luxury penthouses, Dubai Marina is perfect for the modern city families with a bigger budget.

What makes the housing options stand out in the Dubai Marina district is the mesmerizing view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah and the spectacular marina view that sets a beautiful contrast against the breathtaking sea view.

For Adults

Dubai Marina is a great location for expats as it features a myriad of amenities to make your day-to-day life as productive and fulfilling as you like, with watersports at the beach to several sporting options and golf courses. For night owls, the district also features a dynamic nightlife scene!


For expats looking for a more active lifestyle, Dubai Marina comes equipped with an abundance of sports options and facilities, including tennis courts and squash courts. You can indulge in a series of watersports from jet skiing and surfing to parasailing and wakeboarding. The marina is also minutes away from several golf courses!


Expats who prefer to be active at night will find that the district has an incredibly vibrant nightlife scene. Dubai Marina restaurants are some of the most sophisticated dining options in Dubai. Not to mention it is home to some of the hottest rooftop bars and clubs. 

For the Kids

Raising a kid in a foreign country can be challenging and there are many things to consider and look out for. Thankfully, Dubai Marina is conveniently close to a number of child-friendly attractions and great international school options that can help your child settle in.


If your child’s education is one of your main concerns of relocating, then worry not! The Dubai Marina is close to some of the best schools, according to The Knowledge and Human Development Authority’s (KHDA) rating, that follow the British curriculum and The International Baccalaureate® (IB). 

Child-Friendly Attractions

Dubai features a fabulous selection of theme parks and waterparks that are great for family outings. Some are even conveniently located within 30-mins from Dubai Marina, including Aquaventure, the world’s largest waterpark which boasts over “105 record-breaking slides, attractions and experience”. 

For families that enjoy being outdoors under the sun, you can also spend a day on Dubai Marina Beach before retiring to the promenade for a scenic evening stroll with the family whilst following a Dubai Marina map.

Of course, when we think about city-living, we can’t ignore shopping malls. Within the district sits the Dubai Marina Mall, a massive 390,000 sq ft mall filled with retail outlets, dining options, and a children’s play area! If there’s something you need, you’ll find it in the Dubai Marina Mall.


Capitalizing on the district’s high rise buildings, Dubai Marina restaurants offer more than just a culinary experience. In particular, the dining options near Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) takes Al Fresco dining to a whole new level. 

For affordable options, once you cross the marina back to the mainland, you can find down-to-earth hidden local delicacies scattered around the Al Seba Street roundabout. 

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The need to drive within Dubai Marina is relatively low as the neighborhood is a small community with ample convenient public transportation and scenic walkways. It is extremely pedestrian friendly, as such, parents can take their young ones on a wonderful outing without having to fight traffic. 

Dubai Marina houses two metro stations, the Sobha Realty Metro Station and the DMCC Metro Station. If you don’t drive, you can easily get around and live your day-to-day life by taking the metro. Traveling within the community can also be done by taking the tram!


Healthcare is something to put into consideration whenever you relocate to a different location. If Dubai Marina is one of the districts you’re considering relocating to, then good news, you don’t have to worry about healthcare facilities as there are several within the district!

The district is also close enough to Al Barsha so you can access some of the top hospitals in Dubai including the Saudi German Hospital and Al Zahra Hospital in the case of an emergency.

Health Insurance is mandatory in the UAE and each emirate has its own rules and regulations. Check out our guide on how to choose the best family insurance in the UAE to navigate the different rules and find a plan that works for your family!


In conclusion, Dubai Marina is a great place for expats and expat families looking for a district with great quality-of-life amenities. The district sits just off the Persian gulf, offering residents just the right balance between tranquility and excitability.

For single expats, whilst it might not offer a nightlife scene as dynamic as Downtown, it stands out on its own thanks to its unparalleled sea view and more sophisticated dining options.

For parents, the district offers a relaxing way of life whilst still being part of the bustling city lifestyle that Dubai offers. For children, Dubai Marina offers convenient public transport that connects to great schools and more importantly, exciting attractions.

For medical needs, there are ample medical facilities within the community. In the case of emergencies, Dubai Marina is also close to some of the best hospitals in Dubai.

An important thing to note is that Dubai Marina is a district with a slightly higher cost of living than other districts like Mirdif. Before you decide on moving, it is imperative that you take into consideration what is best for your family.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you visit Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina is worth visiting because it offers a slice of everything, from sunshine and beach to luxury shopping and fine dining. You can plan a day on the beach followed by a shopping spree and a gourmet dining experience before you finally retire on a relaxing walk down the promenade.

Is the Dubai Marina Beach open to the public?

Entry to the Dubai Marina Beach is free. Visitors can enjoy the beach free of charge but other activities and facilities such as driving will charge a fee. 

What is the difference between Dubai Marina and JBR?

Dubai Marina is a manmade marina that sits just off the Sheikh Zayed Road, connected by a series of bridges. Jumeirah Beach Residence is the area in which Dubai Marina is connected to.

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