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3 workplace adjustments to enhance employee health

With most workers spending more than a third of their day on the job or in the workplace, employers have the opportunity to provide a healthy and productive environment for their employees. It’s also an employer’s responsibility to think deeply about the needs of employees and what the company can do to promote employee wellbeing.

Thus, shifting focus to making workplace adjustments can help enhance employee health and benefit the company in the long run. There are several ways to adjust the workplace to enhance employees’ health and performance. Let’s discover a few in this article by Pacific Prime Dubai!

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1. Improve ventilation

One of the first things to consider when improving a healthy workplace environment is the air everyone breathes. Needless to say, living in the UAE can be tough with its high heat and sudden sandstorms. Luckily, workplaces will most likely have air conditioning units or integrated ventilation systems to promote airflow. However, with COVID-19 still a concern for employees, it is probably worth checking if your workplace ventilation system can be cleaned regularly to improve the air quality.

Clean the air ducts and/or introduce air purifiers

You may also want to consider sanitizing the air ducts daily, if not weekly. A disinfectant can be used in the ducts or coated on the surface. Cleaning regularly can also stop dust from building up too. If possible, you could introduce air filtration systems or purifiers that are light, portable, and effective at cleaning the air. When placed near entrances or open windows, they can help circulate clean air around the workplace or office.

2. Introduce more plants to the workplace

Indoor plants are all the rage these days, especially for employees who have had the chance to work safely at home and enjoy watching their houseplants grow and breathe happiness into their lives. The same can be said when thinking about the workplace, as plants can improve employees’ moods and productivity.

Create a horticultural workshop

If you’ve recently adopted hybrid-working arrangements, why not give employees the chance to bring in their cherished indoor houseplants? Perhaps you could create a horticultural workshop for employees to share what they have and offer some great personal tips for raising plants. This can also improve engagement in the workplace and become a positive experience for everyone. Who doesn’t want a place to cool down or escape the hustle and bustle of the office? Let’s go green!

3. Offer a quiet place for employees to relax

If space is not an issue in the workplace, you could set up a quiet area where employees can sit, rest, or relax. This is important, especially if you want to get employees out of their seats or moving about.

Trip to the cafe for employees

However, if it’s not practical or feasible to set up such an area or zone for employees, perhaps reaching out to a local cafe or eatery for employees to work from if possible. Although it may not be quiet and private, it could be a flexible alternative that employees can freely opt for. Who knows, the local cafe or eatery may welcome your employees with open arms. They may have quiet working areas dedicated to working professionals. Additionally, your employees may view it as a great perk to take whenever they need it. You could also throw in a daily allowance as part of their employee benefits options.

Cafes in Dubai are also popular for working professionals. See this article by Letswork on popular work-friendly cafes in Dubai.

Enhance employee health with the right employee benefits package

There are a plethora of workplace adjustments you can consider for your employees. However, focusing on that alone isn’t enough to keep employees motivated and productive. You also need to review your employee benefits offerings and ensure they truly meet your employee’s needs.

Given that employees have been working from home more since the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s essential to reflect on all the changes and get feedback from employees. Benefits like group health insurance are the norm, but enhancing it with other options like Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and mental health benefits can make your company appealing to future talent too. More so, your employees will appreciate the boost in relevant offerings to enhance both their physical and mental health.

Fortunately, as an employee benefits specialist, Pacific Prime Dubai is in a solid position to support companies of all sizes and industries with designing a well-tailored employee benefits plan.

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