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Company & Group Health Insurance


Company & Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance policies for Dubai

Securing a group health insurance plan in Dubai can help your organization attract and retain the best employees. Plans from Pacific Prime are highly tailorable and can be designed to meet the needs of your company and your employees. We can even manage your solution, allowing you to focus on running your business. 

Following the DHA announcement that all employees in Dubai must have health insurance secured by their employers, all Dubai businesses can benefit from talking to us about their options for company health insurance. 

Securing group health insurance in Dubai

A group coverable under group health insurance may be your company, sports club, or social club. Under a group health plan, we can provide premium discounts, and completely customizable coverage.

In Dubai, we sell group health insurance plans that are fully compliant with DHA regulations. 

Extending company health insurance plans with top-up insurance

Your company health insurance policy may not cover you for everything you would like. If you want to add any benefits to your plan then Contact us and talk to one of our advisors today.

Insurer relationships

Pacific Prime has long standing relationships with the leading health insurers in Dubai and the world. Through these relationships, we can help identify the best insurer and plan that will meet your coverage needs and budget. 


Deductibles can be applied to group health insurance plans to keep your premiums low. If you would like custom levels of benefits and deductibles for different ranks of employees in your group plan, then this is possible. Complete customization allows for extra benefits to be covered including dental, maternity, personal accident, and evacuation and repatriation cover.

Extending policies

If a member leaves the group, many insurers will allow that individual to change to an individual plan and allow all pre-existing conditions coverage to remain the same. This is a significant advantage for the policy holder. Group health insurance policies are not country specific so if a member was to relocate to another country the coverage will go with them.

Solutions for schools

If you represent an international school and are looking to secure an insurance solution click here to learn about our unique solutions that have been created specifically for schools in Dubai. 

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