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2020 HR trends

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, it’s important for companies to stay on top of the changes that go hand-in-hand with technological efficiency. These changes will also make the Human Resource (HR) department more valuable when it comes to business strategy, applying new processes, and developing plans for successful assimilation. Aside from adopting new digital processes, HR leaders will also be responsible for choosing tech talent that will influence hiring for years to come.

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In this Pacific Prime Dubai article, we’ll provide insight into the top HR trends for 2020 that you should know about.

Why HR will be essential for organizations in 2020

There’s no denying that we’re currently living a total digital expansion. As a result, companies have to make appropriate adjustments to both survive and thrive. Based on a European Union study, we can expect to see the number of skilled ICT workers needed in the market grow significantly by 2020.

This information suggests that learning curves are more restricted and the HR department has a crucial role in developing, managing, recruiting, and retaining talented employees. Here are the most exciting 2020 HR trends.

Attracting new talent through transversal marketing strategies and work teams

Employees’ needs are changing. The goal will be to create transversal teams to get better results and apply practices like telecommuting or Smart Working. 6 in 10 remote workers would not like their job as much if they had to stop working at home and visit the office every day to complete the exact same tasks. Agreeing to flexible working hours will result in a stronger commitment to applying work models that focus on reaching goals.

With the Inbound Recruiting method increasing in value, both the HR and Marketing departments need to work together to attract top talent.

Improving internal communication tools

Nowadays, many people use social networks in both their work and personal environment. Companies typically present themselves in a similar manner to keep employees updated. Traditional communication methods are being replaced with new applications that enable simple, direct, and flexible communication.

The inclination is to communicate with total transparency, make decisions that affect employees in real-time, and be able to evaluate their understanding. There are now tools available that do more than simply facilitate fluid internal communication, yet also enable companies to link them with challenges to help soak it up.

Automating recruitment processes and HR tasks

Gone are the days when automation was only found in production tasks. It will soon be part of recruitment processes, making it possible to fill vacant positions at a much faster rate, and help with certain tasks that take up valuable work time. For instance, a machine can automatically answer standard questions like “how many annual leave days do I have?” or “when do I get paid?”.

While this might sound like a threat to HR, it actually isn’t. By automating these types of tasks, HR will have more time to focus on more important tasks and improve strategies that assess talent and motivate employees.

Tackling Employer Branding

Even though Employer Branding is a concept that dates back to the 60s, large companies are only recently starting to worry about it. So what exactly is Employer Branding? Basically, it is how clients, and potential candidates, see a company and its employees. An increasing number of organizations are directing their efforts on building a value proposition through Employer Branding. After all, an employee who is happy is a natural brand promoter.

The presence of new HR players like Glassdoor, which makes it easier than ever for unhappy employees to voice their opinions through reviews, will reinforce organizations’ commitment to the concept.

Diversifying the workforce

While the trend of workforce diversification started several years ago, we can expect to see it increase within organizations in 2020. Both external consultants and scholarship holders will be part of the same environment, with telecommuting days along with intensive mornings or afternoons. Likewise, achieving business goals centered on human value will be the primary focus, replacing classic environments that do not promote “loving” one’s workplace.

Implementing gamification into the business strategy

When creating their training and internal communication plan, HR will make something known in a way that is more motivating and simple. Therefore, gamification will be a crucial component in the business strategy including recruiting, onboarding, and training. In 2020, many organizations will use gamification to strengthen their communication strategies.

Using People Analytics effectively

Macro data analysis is a global trend that has plenty of internal potential and is applicable to all sectors. When it comes to HR, People Analytics will become a popular system that helps companies gauge their employee’s performance, as well as determine which aspects affect their motivation and productivity.

Final thoughts on future HR trends in 2020

Companies are constantly evolving. The European Commission for 2020 states that “there will be 750,000 unfulfilled ICT jobs”, which means that digital transformation will stay on the agenda as a critical part of talent management and employee retention. Therefore, being able to quickly and efficiently adapt collaborative models will be necessary. With all the trends previously mentioned, it’s evident that the HR department has a lot to work for the New Year.

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