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What are ‘waiting periods’ in health insurance in the UAE?

If you plan to secure health insurance for yourself or your loved ones, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the ‘waiting times’ of health insurance. Most assume that purchasing medical insurance plans means having coverage starting from the day of payment. However, that is not the case, and policyholders need to wait a few days, weeks, or even months before making any claims; this waiting time is known as the waiting period in the insurance world.

This Pacific Prime UAE article will explain what waiting periods are in detail.

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Waiting periods in health insurance

The waiting period in health insurance usually refers to when the policyholder is not allowed to raise a claim for some or all benefits. In addition, the policyholder needs to wait for a specific time before a claim can be processed. Note that the waiting period and terms and conditions vary from one insurer to another because different coverage and conditions have different waiting periods. In most cases, policyholders cannot claim or get any reimbursement from their insurance provider during the waiting period.

Why waiting periods?

There are many cases across the world where customers purchase health insurance only to get reimbursements. As a result, insurance companies introduced waiting periods to avoid fake claims and malpractices.

Different types of waiting periods

There are several kinds of waiting periods in health insurance, such as:

Initial waiting period 

Policyholders must wait between one to three months before making claims. So, if the policyholder gets hospitalized within the first three months from the beginning of the health insurance policy, then they cannot take advantage of any benefits. However, the only exception to this waiting period is an ‘accidental claim.’ In most scenarios, the insurer will approve a claim if a policyholder meets with a serious accident and requires hospitalization immediately during the initial waiting period.

Waiting period for maternity benefits

Insurers in the UAE offer maternity benefits under the health insurance policy but with a waiting period of 3-4 years. However, if this kind of waiting period does not meet your requirements, there are insurance companies that have reduced the waiting period to meet market needs.

Waiting period for pre-existing diseases 

There is a waiting period in health insurance for pre-existing illnesses, which are declared by the insured at the time of securing the policy. The waiting period for pre-existing diseases is between one to four years, depending on the policyholder’s medical condition.

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Waiting period for specific diseases 

For some diseases such as hernia, ENT disorders, osteoporosis, tumor, etc., there is a waiting period of one to two years. The waiting period for such diseases is mentioned in the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, so be sure to read through the policy’s fine print. Also, note that the waiting period for specific diseases may differ from one provider to another.

Waiting period for a free annual health checkup 

A handful of insurance providers in the UAE offer a complimentary annual health checkup as part of their medical insurance policy. However, with a waiting period of up to one year. So policyholders can avail this benefit from the second year of their health insurance plan.

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