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How to boost mental health in the workplace

Employee mental health is often overlooked or not given much importance. Feeling low at work or alone in the office, even surrounded by friends and colleagues, is a key indicator of poor mental health. Mental health awareness in the workspace has been a topic among HRs and industry leaders for some time now because its impact can be detrimental to a business’s success. A recent survey resulted in HR, and risk managers respectively ranked mental health 18th and 21st out of 25 risks.

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This Pacific Prime Dubai article will explore how employers can offer mental health support to employees and how employees can boost their mental health in the workplace.

Employees should try to begin their days with mindfulness

Most of us check our phones as soon as we wake up. However, studies show that you are priming your brain for distraction by checking your phone right after waking up. Instead of scrolling through social media, you could begin your day with yoga or meditation practice so you can start your day with a fresh and focused mind.

Talk it out

Talking about feelings and well-being can help reduce stress on the brain. Therefore, employers should encourage employees to talk more about how they feel regularly, and on the other hand, employees should not shy away from conversations with their managers. Moreover, employees should seek the support of their colleagues and join groups that focus on mental health at work.

Get outdoors

It’s no surprise that we spend most of our time indoors, so it would help to get outdoors even for a short amount of time every day. In addition, managers should plan outdoor activities with the team to help improve team spirit and allow employees to get to know each other on a personal level, which could positively impact mental health.

Slow down and take a break

Take a day off for your mental health, spend the day doing things you love, and hang out with your family or loved ones. Slowing down will help you make better decisions and connect deeper with people. In addition, by taking time off yourself, you can help your mental health at work and pave the way for others to do the same.

Laugh out loud

Laughter is the best medicine. According to Mayo Clinic, laughter has short-term benefits like stimulating organs, enhancing oxygen intake, and increasing the endorphins (hormones that help relieve pain, and stress and improve your sense of well-being) released in your brain. And not just that, laughing also has long-term effects like strengthening your immune system and improving your mood. So, go out for a stand-up gig, or a comedy movie and actively try to find humor in the workspace.

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There are several ways to support your mental health, but sometimes you need a professional to help you with your down days. And to pay for mental health support out of your pocket can get expensive. Did you know that insurers now add basic mental health services to their individual medical insurance packages? So, the next time you renew or secure a new health insurance plan, make sure to get the one that includes support for mental health.

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