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Mandatory Health Insurance Regulations in Dubai

Dubai’s insurance regulations now require all residents to have health insurance coverage provided to them by their employers. Find out more here

Mandatory Health Insurance Regulations in Dubai

Dubai's health insurance requirements

In 2016 the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) fully implemented mandatory private health insurance requirements for all residents including expats and their dependents. Find out about the new insurance laws and how they might affect you below.

DHA mandatory requirements

By law, all residents in Dubai (including expats) must have health insurance that meets or exceeds the following minimum coverage requirements as stipulated by the DHA:

  • All benefits must be covered in aggregate to a minimum limit of AED 150,000
  • Pre-existing conditions must be covered in full after an initial 6 month waiting period
  • Inpatient treatment must be covered (with a 10% copay up to a maximum of AED 500 per visit or AED 1,000 per year)
  • Outpatient treatment must be covered (with a 20% copay)
  • Medications or pharmaceuticals must be covered (up to AED 1,500)
  • Maternity treatment must be covered with a 10% copay - including eight outpatient visits, up to AED 7,000 for normal delivery, and up to AED 10,000 for medically necessary C-section delivery
  • Cover care in Dubai along with emergency treatment in the other Emirates

How to secure compliant health insurance in Dubai

The DHA's regulations have drastically changed the insurance landscape in Dubai, especially when it comes to what must be covered by all plans offered in the city. If you are in Dubai or are moving to the Emirate there are two ways you can secure compliant coverage: 

  • Through your employer - By law, all employers must provide their employees with health insurance coverage that meets the minimum requirements above. 
  • On your own - If you are self-employed, have dependents (spouse, or kids), or employees of your own (maid, driver, etc.) you are required to secure mandatory insurance for them. You will need to do this either through the insurer directly, or with a broker like Pacific Prime Dubai. 

One important thing to note here is that you will need to purchase a compliant health insurance plan from an insurer who is a Dubai Health Insurance Permit holder, or a Participating Insurer status holder. 

Do I need coverage if I already have health insurance in another country?

If you are an expat coming to Dubai with a plan issued outside of the Emirate that already meets the above coverage requirements you, unfortunately, will be required to secure a compliant health insurance plan in Dubai, from an approved insurer. Luckily, there are basic plans available that are compliant and highly affordable. Talk to an advisor today to learn more.  

What happens if I don't secure mandatory health insurance in Dubai?

There are two things that will happen if you do not secure mandatory health insurance in Dubai: 

  • As an employer or self-employed individual, you will be fined AED 500 per month an individual is uninsured. 
  • Your visa application or renewal will be denied. 

In order to enforce the acquirement of health coverage, the DHA has set a requirement that in order for your visa application or renewal to be processed you must prove you have the mandatory coverage in place either from your employer, sponsor, or by securing it yourself. 

Bear in mind here that as an individual you can also be considered an employer if you hire staff including drivers, helpers, gardeners, etc. You are responsible for securing coverage for these people as well. 

See our Company and Group Insurance Plans page for more information on the plans and deals available to insure your company, or look through our Family Plans page for plans that will insure your employees' dependables too.

Learn more about the DHA's mandatory health insurance requirements

If you are looking to learn more about the mandatory health insurance requirements set by the DHA please visit our FAQ section. 


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