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Customer Satisfaction

We highly prioritize the interests of our clients. No matter what the issue is, we can help you resolve it to protect you and your family at all times.

Customer satisfaction

Pacific Prime Dubai is committed to ensuring that clients and members have the best possible experience when it comes to dealing with their insurance. Whether you're an individual, family or group, growing business, or established corporation, your satisfaction is important to us. Read on to learn how Pacific Prime Dubai sees itself and the responsibilities it has to the people they serve, or contact us now to discuss it with us directly. 

Our reputation

As you may have seen elsewhere on our website, Pacific Prime Dubai’s slogan is ‘simplifying health insurance’. This is not just something that we say in our offices. It’s a statement of what we, as a broker, truly aim to do for our clients. For those new to insurance, Pacific Prime’s insurance advisors will take the time to fully explain all aspects of your insurance plan and answer any questions you may have, thus putting formerly complicated terms and products into focus and expanding your knowledge.

Regardless of your insurance knowledge, all of our members can also take advantage of consultation, claims support, and technology that reduces hassle for our clients and streamlines the whole process of using your insurance benefits.

Our commitment to providing a high level of service to our members has even been recognized by some of the world’s best insurance companies, such as Bupa Global, which awarded us with their Top Global Distributor award in three separate years! Come see for yourself the results of Pacific Prime’s dedication to simplifying health insurance for every one of our members.

How we serve our members

For our members that are insured under individual private health insurance plans, including family medical insurance policies, a dedicated insurance adviser will be assigned. This colleague acts as the primary point of contact for any insurance needs that you may have. Whether you want to pick their brain about policy details, initiate an insurance claim, or discuss any policy changes at renewal time, your adviser will be just a call or email away.

Group insurance members have more people to worry about when it comes to their insurance policies. Likewise, the systems in place to manage their group plans can be far more intricate. For this reason, Pacific Prime assigns a dedicated team of advisors to support group members. This team will be able to drastically lighten the load of your company's human resources department, especially on complicated processes like benchmarking and analyzing claims data at policy renewal time. For instance, when your insurance company states that they will be raising your premiums at your next renewal, our team is able to show you with your own data why this might be. If our team doesn’t believe premiums should be rising, they will also negotiate with the insurer to try to lower your premiums.

It’s okay to be choosy

Plans don’t always work out for everyone. After a year with a plan that you thought was a great value – on top of addressing your specific health insurance needs – you may find that it ended up not being a good fit. This could be because benefits are not to the level you need them, the insurer wants to raise premiums significantly, or other reasons. If you find yourself in this situation, no need to fret! Pacific Prime Dubai has your back.

We minimize the hassle of switching insurers if you decide that a plan isn’t right for you. Before your current plan's term is up, we will have a plan comparison sent to you that presents a number of updated options for your selection. Just let our team know what you are looking for in a new plan (or why your old plan didn’t work for you), and they will leverage their knowledge of the market to identify the plans with the highest chances of meeting your needs within your budget. Alternatively, they may find a reason, such as a pre-existing condition, to stick with your current insurer, but select a new plan.

The key to switching insurers is not to have any gaps in coverage, so our agents will work as efficiently as possible to make sure that your new plan is in place before your existing plan ends.

Give us your feedback

If you decide that Pacific Prime Dubai is the right insurance broker for you and you have a chance to try out our service, please let us know how we did! You can reach us via the following outlets:

We look forward to having the opportunity to simplify health insurance for you!

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