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Claims Support for Dubai

Our Claims Support Team is here to provide clients with assistance in submitting and processing claims in Dubai.

Pacific Prime Dubai’s Claims Support team

Providing the best customer service is not only something we pride ourselves on, but is also what makes us a leading insurance broker in Dubai. Our dedicated Claims Support team assists our clients with all aspects of the claims process; from preparing and submitting claims, to dealing with processing delays. Pacific Prime Dubai boasts a multilingual office with a multinational team who are highly trained and experienced with all insurance matters in Dubai.

Join Pacific Prime Dubai to take advantage of our unparalleled service.

Our Claims Centre

One thing that sets Pacific Prime Dubai apart from the other brokers in the region is the fact that we provide our clients with a complete insurance service, rather than just policy sales. We have a strong administrative team that supports all clients with claims handling and documentation, has direct communication lines with our insurance partners, and can provide you with a wealth of policy and hospital information that you might need during the life of your plan.

We provide this to make your life easier when you need to make a claim. If you’re in a situation where seeking treatment is necessary, having a supportive team helping with your claims and other insurance matters can ease a lot of the stress you can experience at such a time.

If you need to make a claim, check out our Dubai Claims Center to ensure you have the documentation you need to get the process started.

The claim process with Pacific Prime Dubai

Generally, if you’re submitting a claim directly to an insurer there can be a number of highly involved steps you’ll need to take. These include collecting the relevant documents related to your treatment or appointment, submitting them with the appropriate claim forms, following up with your insurer over a matter of days, weeks, or even months, before you’re cleared to be reimbursed. Insurers aim to make this process as simple as possible, but there is a better way.

Using a well-established insurance broker, like Pacific Prime Dubai, can turn making a claim into an easy ride. In fact, our global parent company has produced this handy infographic, The Claim Train, to illustrate just how easy the claims process can be when you work with Pacific Prime. The difference with us is that we can act as an intermediary with your insurer to process and complete your claim, leaving you to focus on receiving your treatments and getting better.

Customer satisfaction with Pacific Prime Dubai

The reason our clients choose Pacific Prime Dubai as their insurance broker is for the commitment we have to going the extra mile. Providing a Claims Support team is just part of the extensive services we offer our clients, and purchasing a plan through us will also give you access to our:

  • Renewals Team: A team of insurance policy renewal experts who strive to ensure that you are always placed with the best policy based on your needs. They can help you manage premium increases if you wish to stay with your existing policy, or can search for a new plan that better suits your needs or provides better value for money.

  • Corporate Team: A team of corporate insurance experts who are dedicated to servicing corporate and group clients while providing a wide range of insurance services tailored for businesses and professional service firms.

  • Sales Team: Our expert consultants know the insurance industry inside and out, and are constantly on the lookout for new business and products that can benefit our clients.

To find yourself the best insurance solution through the leading insurance broker in Dubai contact the experts at Pacific Prime Dubai today.

Experiencing processing delays?

While most insurers can process claim applications efficiently within a week, there are a number of reasons why you might experience delays. The most common reasons we see delays in the processing of claims include: 

  • Incorrect information: Often this delay is related to forms being filled out incorrectly. 
  • Missing documentation: Another common hold up can occur where an insurer has not received all of the documentation needed to process claim.
  • Pre-existing condition: When a claim is for a pre-existing condition, insurers may need to investigate further to ensure your policy covers the illness or injury. Claims may be rejected.
  • Complex cases: Sometimes claims can be complex enough that the insurer may need more time to seek extra counsel from a doctor or other expert.

Our claims team is here to help with these cases and can often function as the go-between, ensuring that should you have a delay in processing of any claim we will get it sorted as quickly as possible. Should any claims be rejected or there be further problems we always reach out to explain why and go through other options if they are available. 

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