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State of Health Insurance in Dubai Report

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Incentives for understanding the insurance landscape have increased in Dubai, where employers and sponsors must bear the entire share of medical costs through mandatory health insurance.
Our State of Health Insurance in Dubai Report is a one-stop resource that provides a snapshot of the top trends, changes, and issues facing the International Private Medical Insurance industry in the Emirate and globally - as told by our team of consultants and 3 prominent insurance providers: Aetna, Bupa Global, and Cigna.
Here's a brief look at the top challenges and issues facing Dubai-based individuals and businesses in 2019:
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Pacific Prime Dubai - VAT

Issues facing individuals #1: VAT

VAT adds 5% to all insurance plans' premiums. As a result, some individuals are looking to lower their benefits to find a Dubai health insurance plan that fits their budget.

Pacific Prime Dubai - Maternity

Issues facing individuals #2: Maternity

Many insurers are reducing maternity insurance benefits to cut costs. This is because maternity benefits produce only slim margins - if not losses - for the insurers.

Pacific Prime Dubai - Non-disclosure

Issues facing individuals #3: Non-disclosure

This continues to be a problem for insurance companies and brokers. Non-Disclosure is a form of insurance fraud where the policyholder will attempt to switch to another insurer and plan, while fully disclosing their pre-existing conditions.

Pacific Prime Dubai - Beware of the sell low insurer

Issues facing individuals #4: Beware of the "sell low" insurer

In such a competitive market, a number of less established insurers are looking to gain market share by offering plans with enticingly low premiums, only to drastically increase rates the following year.

Issues facing businesses #1: Tariffs

As treatment tariffs continue to rise in the UAE, loss ratio management remains a massive challenge.

Pacific Prime Dubai - Tariffs

Issues facing businesses #2: Outpatient claims

Outpatient claims in the Emirate continue to rise, as well as those for chronic conditions. This is unsurprising for a location that has seen every resident come into possession of medical insurance.

Pacific Prime Dubai - Outpatient claims

Issues facing businesses #3: Claims management

Moving forward into 2019 and beyond, we expect businesses to start selecting more streamlined methods of managing claims in different ways, such as via online portals.

Pacific Prime Dubai - Claims management
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