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This report, the first of its kind in the industry, aims to provide readers with a robust overview of the current state of health insurance in Dubai.

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Uncover the state of international health insurance in Dubai

With nearly 20 years of experience globally, Pacific Prime Dubai is able to offer unique insight into health insurance, insight unavailable anywhere else and utilized to develop this report. We strongly believe that this report will serve as a valuable tool in the search for, and review of, IPMI plans in Dubai.

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Answering 5 common IPMI questions

Dubai's current insurance requirements set it apart from other locations. Any person or company looking to secure compliant coverage will likely have questions that need to be answered if they are going to find the best plans on the market. In order to help, we have written this report around the five most common questions our clients in Dubai ask:

  • How much does international coverage cost?
  • What can I expect to pay for coverage in the future?
  • What insurers offer plans in Dubai?
  • When should I buy coverage?
  • Are there any trends I should be aware of?

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Health insurance insight not found anywhere else

In order to provide the clearest health insurance overview for our readers, as well as answer the questions above, we have split the report into eight sections. These sections focus on:

    1. About the report and Pacific Prime
    2. The cost of health insurance in Dubai
    3. Health insurance inflation in Dubai
    4. The top insurers in the market
    5. When insurance is purchased
    6. Global changes to be aware of
    7. IPMI trends
    8. Health insurance issues faced by companies

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