Announcing Pacific Prime Dubai’s Scholarship Program – 2018. Open now to high school and undergraduate students studying in Dubai.

Pacific Prime Dubai is happy to announce that our 2018 scholarship program has been launched and is currently accepting applicants. Learn more about this year’s scholarship, which will be awarded to a deserving high school or undergraduate student, and how you can enter below.

About Pacific Prime Dubai’s 2018 scholarship

One of our founding beliefs at Pacific Prime is that education is an essential part in the shaping of tomorrow’s leaders. Unfortunately, education is becoming increasingly expensive, a fact we want to try to offset with this scholarship.

Now in its second year across the company, the Pacific Prime scholarship - available to high school and undergraduate students studying in Dubai - awards a deserving student with USD 1,000 to help offset the cost of education.

How to participate

To be considered for the 2018 scholarship, you will need to submit an essay on the following topic:

The effects of aging population on health care

Your submission should be at least 1,000 words long and contain your own thoughts, ideas, opinions, and even experiences. It would also be a good idea to include references where possible. Creativity and originality are also considered to be valuable components of previous essays.

It should also be noted that the scholarship recipient's essay will be published and featured on our website. This means that your essay must be your own work, and plagiarism will result in your essay being rejected.

Eligibility Criteria

High school and undergraduate students

2018's scholarship program is open to all high school and undergraduate students (of any nationality) studying in Dubai.

To be considered an eligible applicant you must be currently enrolled, or have been accepted, to a high school, university, community college, institute (including private schools), or trade school as a full or part time student in 2018.

The recipient of the scholarship will be asked to provide proof of enrollment before they receive the scholarship.

All essays must be written in English.

Submission deadline

30th September 2018

Essay applications for the 2018 scholarship must be received no later than Sep 30, 2018 (no exceptions).

We will announce the recipient of the scholarship on Nov 1, 2018. If the bursuray is not claimed by the awardee within 30 days, we will select another deserving recipient. Upon announcement, the scholarship will be awarded to the recipient at our office, or will be mailed to them should they be unable to collect it in person.

Note: This is a yearly scholarship and we’ll have different topics each year for participation.

How to apply

Applications for the 2018 scholarship are now open. You can apply by following the below steps:

Write an original, creative, and informative essay on the topic mentioned above.

Submit your essay to in MS Word or PDF format.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • First & last name, contact number, and email address.
  • University, Secondary / High School, or International School you currently attend (or have been accepted to).

Submit your essay now

Please note: The recipient of our scholarship will need to provide proof of enrollment (e.g. student documents) in order to receive the bursary.

Eligibility criteria:

To be considered an eligible applicant your essay should be:

  • A minimum of (or more than) 1,000 words
  • Of your own work - We submit each entry to a strict round of checks, looking for plagiarism. Any found will result in your application being rejected. In short, your essay must be your own work. Honesty in your submission will go a long way. Also, demonstrating passion and creativity will aid your chances of being awarded the scholarship.
  • Be submitted by 30th Sep 2018 - No late entries will be accepted.
  • Submitted by a currently enrolled (full time or part time) student at a high school, university, community college, institute (including private education), or trade school. Any area of study is accepted, and can be either full or part time.
  • Be written in English.

By submitting an application, you are giving your consent for Pacific Prime Dubai to contact you via email, mail, or phone. If you are selected as the recipient of the 2018 scholarship you are also giving us express consent to use your name, college or school, and your essay on our website, as well as for any other promotional purposes. This can be done without further compensation or payment to you.

Scholarship awardees bear the responsibility for payment of any applicable income taxes in their respective country that arise due to the acceptance of this scholarship.

  • Successful applicants are required to submit original copies of their proof of enrolment, as well as a copy of their academic records before the award is disbursed.
  • Pacific Prime Dubai reserves the right to reject incomplete applications or plagiarised applications.
  • Pacific Prime Dubai reserves the right to reject all applications not submitted in English.
  • Pacific Prime Dubai reserves the right to publish the entries received on any platform(s).
  • The result is decided solely by the panel of Pacific Prime Dubai’s scholarship committee.
  • There are no restrictions placed on the recipient regarding holding other scholarships.
  • If the scholarship recipient decides to withdraw from their course and/or terminate the scholarship prematurely, Pacific Prime Dubai reserves the right to impose repayment of all scholarship monies disbursed, as well as any other damages that may be incurred.

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