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Short Term Health Insurance for Dubai


Couple out on a hike, covered with a short term health insurance plan

Short term and travel insurance

Customizable benefits make short term health plans the most sought after and best option if you will be visitng Dubai. If you are an expat in Dubai that plans on traveling often throughout the year, a short term health plan will cover you for this period too. For quick trips away and coverage for less than 3 months, you may want to consider travel insurance instead of a short term health insurance plan.

Short term health insurance plans

Short term health plans can be customized to cover whichever benefits you require. Short term plans typically last up to a year, and can provide you with temporary medical coverage throughout Dubai, the greater Middle East, and beyond. You take control of the area of your coverage, as well as the level of benefits in your plan. If you are going to be spending time in areas with low-quality healthcare, or a high risk of injury/illness, then a short term plan can include evacuation and repatriation services. Conversely, if you will only be overseas for a short time, or are staying somewhere with high-quality health facilities, you may only want minimal inpatient coverage from your short term health plan, or could even consider travel insurance if you will be traveling.

Why not just travel insurance?

Travel insurance policies typically cover limited inpatient treatments in an emergency and exclude coverage for any pre-existing conditions. Short term insurance policies can include Direct Billing as well, which travel insurance cannot. While the extent of coverage differs based on the plan you choose, a short term health insurance policy can provide a much more extensive range of options and an ability to customize the plan to your specific needs. If you would like a travel insurance quote, click here.


Short term and travel insurance plans offer immense flexibility based on what coverage you actually want and need. Whether you want coverage per holiday, or are looking for an annual policy that covers several trips, we have plans that will cover what you need.

Emergency medicine

Short term and travel insurance plans typically only provide benefits for emergency medical care. If you wish to have access to outpatient coverage while abroad, find out more about our international health insurance policies.

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