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Guide to Maternity and Maternity Health Insurance in Dubai


Guide to Maternity and Maternity Health Insurance in Dubai

Dubai maternity guide

There are a number of expats who move to Dubai and want to start a family or have recently begun one and already have small children. Maternity care along with maternity health insruance is, therefore, a vital thing to consider when moving here. Here, we have compiled a selection of important information for expectant mothers or those of you who are considering becoming pregnant while living in the Emirate. If you have any questions or want any more information, then get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help! 


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Pregnant in Dubai


If you are already pregnant and living in or moving to Dubai, you MUST be married. If you wish to have your baby in a Dubai hospital, you will be required to prove your marriage status before seeing a doctor. If you are unmarried and already pregnant, you will be required to return to your home country to give birth. 

What to bring to the hospital

So the baby is on the way? Before you head to the hospital, you should make sure to bring all the correct documentation to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic complications interrupting your delivery. You must bring with you:

  • Health Card (if delivering at a government hospital)
  • Insurance Card (if delivering at a private hospital)
  • Passport of Both Parents (the originals and a copy)
  • Attested Marriage Certificate (you MUST be married to have a baby in Dubai)
  • Fees for Delivery (prices will vary depending on your particular maternity insurance package, hospital you are delivering in etc.)

For more information on maternity insurance packages, click here

The paperwork

Having a baby in Dubai is an inordinate amount of paperwork. As an expatriate giving birth, you must take the following steps upon arrival of your newborn:

  • Apply for a birth certificate
  • Register the birth in your HOME country
  • Apply for a birth certificate in your HOME country
  • Apply for a passport from your HOME country
  • Apply for a UAE residence visa
  • Apply for a Resident ID card for your newborn (if living in Dubai)

If you have any questions about these applications or would like any more information on the process of registering your newborn in Dubai, contact us here.

Maternity health insurance

See our dedicated maternity health insurance page to learn more about the various maternity insurance policies available, speak with our advisors, and to get a quote for a policy. 

Maternity and paternity leave

Read Pacific Prime's Article on Maternity and Paternity Leave in Dubai and the UAE.

Popular maternity hospitals in Dubai

The 4 most popular hospitals/clinics for maternity care in Dubai are:

  • Cooper Health Clinic
  • Mediclinic City Hospital
  • Mediclinic Welcare Hospital
  • Al-Zahra Hospital

You can view these hospitals to find out more about them. To begin comparing maternity insurance quotes click here.

Mandatory maternity health coverage

Don't forget! If you live in Dubai, it is mandatory that you possess private health insurance. Fortunately for women here, this mandate stipulates that all health insurance policies must include maternity coverage. That said, some plans might have low coverage limits.

This means that if you plan to give birth at a private hospital or outside of the Emirates then you should consider a plan with more robust maternity coverage. Our team of advisors can help you review your options. 

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