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Salama and Integra Global Dubai

Salama and Integra Global specialize in quality medical insurance solutions, and are Pacific Prime’s insurance partners. Get a health insurance quote today!


Salama Company Logo

Salama is an Islamic Arab insurance company. They are a world leader in insurance and Takaful offerings that are compliant with Sharia’h law. Established in 1979, Salama has over 40 years of experience in the regional takaful and insurance markets. Currently, Salama is the world's largest and oldest takaful and re-takaful provider. 

All plans through Salama that Pacific Prime Dubai can present to you are in full compliance with Dubai Health Authority laws and regulations. Click on the button below to get a Salama Insurance Dubai quote today.

Integra Global

Since being established in the U.K. in 1999, Integra Global has now expanded their operations across the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. With this platform, Integra Global offers international medical insurance policies that allow policyholders access to top-quality hospitals and doctors virtually anywhere in the world.

Integra Global Insurance offers international health insurance plans to both individuals and organizations alike, including expats, marine professionals, and more. Integra Global’s goal is to offer exceptional protection, outstanding value, and unparalleled hands-on service that their clients can depend on. 

Integra Insurance has partnered with Salama Insurance in the UAE to cater to their clients in the area.


Insurance plans from Salama

Salama Insurance has a variety of services to choose from, including Auto, Health, Home Content, and Term Plans. 


Salama’s robust car insurance plans cover car damage or loss and liability to third parties. They also offer personal accident cover to the vehicle owner and driver, along with value-added services like Free Fuel Delivery Service, Free Flat Tyre Service, Free Off Road Assistance, Free Lock Out Services, and more.

Health Takaful 

There are two Salama Health Takaful plans to choose from: Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) and Enhanced Benefits Plan. The EBP is designed for Dubai residents who earn under AED 4,000 monthly, including dependents who do not work. The plan covers the policyholder, their immediate family members, or domestic helpers. 

Similarly, the Enhanced Benefits Plan provides comprehensive health insurance coverage with an array of options for individuals and families to choose from. Coverage options include Silk Road, Green, Silver Classic, Silver Premium, and Gold Premium. 

Home Content

Salama home insurance plans are designed to protect your home and the belongings inside it from unexpected eventualities. There are four home content insurance tiers for Salama policyholders to choose from, including Bronze, Silver, Diamond, and Gold. With any of these plans, your house and all its contents are protected against damage or loss. 

Term Plans 

Salama provides a broad selection of term plans that can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your loved ones are protected if something were to happen to you. Hemaya Plus and Hemayati Plus are two of the most popular Salama Insurance plans.  


Insurance plans from Integra Global

Integra Global Insurance provides the following plans: Individual and family policies, comprehensive international small and medium enterprise (SME) policies, and comprehensive international corporate policies. 


Why you should secure Salama and Integra Global plan

With over 40 years of experience, Salama has earned its reputation as a leading insurance provider in the region. The insurer is known for its easy quotation and claims process, as well as their cashless garage and hospital network. The 94% claims settlement ratio is yet another reason why many living in Dubai and the UAE choose Salama. 

By focusing on incorporating technology into their offerings, Integra Global has been able to enhance their customers’ experience. For example, the MedNet portal and mobile app makes it easy to submit claims online and receive quick reimbursements - even for treatments that are not included in the network. Integra Global also has expat assistance programs that offer around-the-clock support and counseling services. 


Get in touch with Pacific Prime for a Salama and Integra Global quote today!

Thinking about securing a plan from Salama and Integra Global? Then your next step is to reach out to a reputable health insurance broker like Pacific Prime. With more than 20 years of experience in ‘simplifying insurance’, you’ll get all the benefits of working with a broker that you might not otherwise get by going straight to an insurance provider. 

Along with offering unbiased advice with your best interest at heart, we also provide value-added services like claims and renewal support, insurer negotiations, and lots more. Additionally, you’ll pay the same as going straight to an insurer - all while getting access to our services for free. 

To start your insurance journey, contact our team of insurance advisors for a tailored, obligation-free insurance consultation and personalized plan comparison today!


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