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MetLife Insurance in Dubai

MetLife is one of the largest insurance providers globally, and is Pacific Prime’s insurance partner. Get a health insurance quote today!


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Based in Dubai, MetLife Insurance delivers quality local healthcare in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. The insurer has a wide array of international insurance products available, ensuring that you, your loved ones, or your business are protected anytime, anywhere. 

MetLife Insurance’s 90+ million customers come from over 60 countries. And thanks to their experienced and knowledgeable employees, MetLife Insurance UAE’s customers get convenient access to top-notch service no matter where they are in the world. 

Additionally, all plans through MetLife that Pacific Prime UAE can present to you are in full compliance with the new Dubai Health Authority laws and regulations.


MetLife UAE insurance plans

MetLife provides a broad selection of customizable savings and protection solutions that you can fine-tune to meet your, your family’s, and your business's unique needs. MetLife insurance solutions also come with built-in benefits that are available to customers once they’re enrolled. The following are some of MetLife Dubai’s most attractive offerings. 

Individual Medical

MetLife medical insurance is ideal for those looking for quality medical care, emergency services, and more at an attractive premium. The Individual Medical Plan from MetLife is approved by the Dubai Health Authority, making it suitable for individuals and employers alike. 

Accident & Health 

Sadly, a bad accident or a chronic condition can wipe your hard-earned savings in the blink of an eye. With MetLife’s Accident & Health solutions, you can focus on your recovery instead of the stress that comes with such life-changing events. MetLife Dubai’s Accident & Health solutions include Accidental, Critical Illness, Disability, and Hospitalization. 

Life insurance 

MetLife life insurance offers you peace of mind while protecting your family’s future with robust life insurance solutions. The insurer offers a range of simple, personalizable life insurance plans at affordable premiums. MetLife’s most popular life insurance plans include Secure Plus, Future Protect, and Live Life. 

MetLife’s protection products 

MetLife also provides a variety of protection products aside from the aforementioned plans. You can save on dental exams and procedures with MetLife dental insurance, while their vision insurance reduces spending on eye exams and contact lenses/eyewear. Other MetLife insurance products include: 

  • Auto insurance
  • Disability
  • Savings & investment
  • Pet insurance
  • Legal plans

Why you should secure a MetLife plan

MetLife works with individuals, families, businesses, and governments to provide comprehensive, quality solutions with financial guarantees. Offering a variety of insurance products and services internationally, MetLife has grown to become a globally recognized insurance provider that is trusted by its many customers across the globe. In fact, many of the top 100 Fortune 500 businesses in the US depend on MetLife for their insurance solutions. MetLife continues to be a smart choice for anyone looking for an insurance plan they can rely on. 

Get a MetLife quote now!

Would you like to learn more about one of MetLife’s insurance products and services mentioned above? Whether you want to know more about MetLife’s medical plans or who their dental providers are in the UAE, Pacific Prime Dubai is here to help. Our expert advisors can easily help you find the most suitable MetLife insurance plan for your needs and budget with our handy comparison tool. 

Along with the benefits of having a MetLife insurance plan, our clients also get access to our value-added services at no additional cost of going directly to an insurer. These complimentary services include: 

  • Form-filling assistance 
  • Claims and renewal support 
  • Insurer negotiations
  • And more 

To start your insurance journey, contact our team of insurance advisors for a tailored, obligation-free insurance consultation and personalized plan comparison today! 

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