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Founded in 2014 by a small team of German experts, MaxHealth, started as a small health insurance provider and has since grown to become a key player in the insurance market. 

With its headquarters in Dubai, UAE, the insurance provider strives to meet clients' needs by improving their products/benefits and maintaining their customer service level. To begin with, their multilingual team speaks several different languages, including English, German, Arabic, Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Sinhala, Algerian, and Farsi, which is great for expats and multinational companies. In fact, MaxHealth’s insurance offerings attract a huge portfolio of clients in the market, ranging from expats living and working in Dubai to businesses operating in the region.

MaxHealth’s core values

When deciding which insurer to support your insurance needs, it’s good to learn about their core values and what they can offer you in the long term. After all, a good relationship is a long-lasting and happy one. Here are the core values and benefits of choosing MaxHealth as your insurer in the UAE.


  • Driven by heart: Everything at MaxHealth is done by heart and involves all members of the workforce, including the management team.
  • Reliability: As an owner-managed insurer, MaxHealth’s decision-making process is fast and efficient.
  • Tenacious: Being agile and flexible is what makes MaxHealth stand out. The insurer is constantly adapting its products to the needs of clients and the UAE market.


  • 24/7 emergency service: MaxHealth’s multilingual assistance can help make recommendations and advise you during an emergency.
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation: When deemed medically necessary, MaxHealth will safely evacuate you as the policyholder to the nearest qualified medical facility and/or provide transportation home when you are fit and well to do so.
  • Care of minor children: Should you be involved in a medical emergency, MaxHealth’s benefit can help arrange child care and support.
  • Second medical opinion: As an option, MaxHealth can provide access to a medical specialist from a world-class healthcare institution for documented second medical opinions.
  • Cashless access to medical facilities: MaxHealth can offer policyholders direct billing on their health plans instead of pay and claim.
  • Worldwide coverage: Options are not limited to UAE only.

Insurance solutions by MaxHealth

MaxHealth has a health insurance solution for everyone, from expats to medium-sized enterprises and large corporate groups. Here’s a brief look at what they offer.

MaxMed - Standard Global Plan

  • Worldwide Coverage (excl. USA)
  • Range: 10 to 300 members
  • Pre-underwritten
  • Many benefits are available, including health checks, dental, maternity, etc.

MaxFlex - Enhanced Global Plan

  • Worldwide Coverage (excl. USA)
  • Range: 10 to 300 members
  • Pre-underwritten
  • A wide range of benefits is available, including congenital Coverage, optics, psychiatry, and more.

MaxTailor - Full Benefit Customization

  • Top benefits that are tailored to your needs
  • A full range of benefit variations, including deductible and co-payment options, health check and wellness packages, etc.

Get in touch with Pacific Prime Dubai for a quote today!

With over two decades of experience as an insurance intermediary, we believe in our abilities to help find, compare, and secure a plan that suits your needs. While it’s good to go direct with MaxHealth, as their partner, we can streamline the application process and, in most cases, offer better claims processing. We have a dedicated claims team that can follow up with you and even prioritize your claims. 

More so, you will receive expert, unbiased advice from trained experts at Pacific Prime Dubai who can speak your native language and be your point of contact for all your insurance queries. The best part is that our services are completely FREE, which means your premiums are the same as going direct with MaxHealth. Put simply; we do all the legwork to ensure your insurance journey is as smooth and cost-effective as possible.

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