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HanseMerkur offers premium international health insurance for individuals, families, and companies. Read on to learn more about HanseMerkur or secure a plan via Pacific Prime Dubai today!

About HanseMerkur

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Founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1875, HanseMerkur is the country’s second oldest insurance company. With humble beginnings dating more than a century ago, it has grown steadily to become one of Europe’s most respected and trusted independent insurers - a reputation that is growing globally as the insurer expands geographically. Today, HanseMerkur is known the world over for its high standards of service and client satisfaction. 

In the Middle East, HansMerkur operates from their MENA headquarters in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), overseeing their interests in the region including Reinsurance Management and Intermediation of the GlobalCare Health Insurance Plans, Corporate Governance, and Strategic Development and Planning.

HanseMerkur has over 2,000 employees and self-employed agency owners working in their head office and in their sales force. It generates an annual turnover of approximately Euro 3.3 billion and holds capital assets of more than Euro 12.2 billion. In total, HansMerkur insures approximately 11.3 million people. 

With that said, HanseMerkur doesn’t have ambitions to grow rapidly by spending a ton of money on advertising or sales-boosting activities. On the contrary, it seeks to grow organically and sustainability and keeps its clients at the heart of its operations as it grows. This means HanseMerkur doesn’t siphon off premiums from one market to aggressively grow in another, making it a very stable and reliable insurance partner. 


Health Insurance Solutions by HanseMerkur

HanseMerkur offers premium international health insurance for individuals, families, and companies in the UAE, known as the GlobalCare Health Insurance Plan. Recognizing that everyone is unique, with varying lifestyles and health statuses, HanseMerkur offers plans that are customizable to suit each client’s specific needs and budget. As for groups, this includes plans tailored to the specific size of the group. 

Standard core benefits on all plans such as Inpatient, Day Patient, and Outpatient treatments are fixed and uncapped, which gives unparalleled cover for the most medically important and costly treatment. On top of this, clients can add enhancements to core benefits. Clients can choose one or more Packages, and within Dental, Optical and Assistance Packages, there is even more room for customization when it comes to the monetary limits provided. 


Secure a HanseMerkur Plan via Pacific Prime today!

 If you want to learn more about HanseMerkur or are ready to secure a plan today, you’re more than welcome to reach out to Pacific Prime Dubai. There are numerous advantages of working closely with an award-winning and experienced brokerage like us than going directly to the insurer. This includes:

  • Guaranteed impartiality: Given that we work with many different insurers and are not loyal to any particular one of them, we are able to provide you with 100% impartial advice and compare a range of health insurance plans that truly match your needs and budget. 

  • Free value-added service: We also provide many value-added services at no extra cost to you. This includes administrative assistance and help filling out forms, liaising and negotiating with insurers on your behalf, and providing claims and renewal support, amongst others. 

  • Same premium as insurers: As health insurers usually rely on third parties like us to help them sell their products, you can rest assured that they’re unlikely to provide further discounts to direct clients. This means that the premium we quote you will be the same as what you can expect to pay to the insurer. 

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