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New parents-to-be are often a big awestruck when they begin to really look into what it takes to have a child in today's modern age. With this in mind Pacific Prime Dubai has produced a handy, informative guide for both new and established parents that want to find out more about maternity care and maternity insurance in Dubai.

Download the Dubai Maternity Insurance 2018-2019 guide

Learn how to identify the best maternity insurance

With updated information detailing the current state of the Emirate’s maternity landscape, the Dubai Maternity Insurance Guide 2018-2019 edition draws upon over 18 years of Dubai maternity insurance experience that our company has gathered. This guide serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in having a baby here.

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A wealth of maternity insurance advice at your fingertips

To help you select and obtain the best maternity insurance, our guide addresses the most important tangible and intangible elements to consider when shopping for coverage. Within the guide you will find:

  • Background information on maternity insurance in Dubai
  • Dubai maternity hospitals
  • The cost of maternity care in Dubai
  • Important insurance terms and features to know
  • What benefits you should look for
  • Expert testimonial

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Find out how to select the best long maternity insurance

Ready to start a family? Get answer to your most pressing questoins:

    1. What is maternity insurance?
    2. Why is it important to buy early?
    3. Why is maternity insurance necessary?
    4. How can Pacific Prime can help?

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Get a complimentary copy of the Dubai Maternity Insurance Guide 2018-2019 today.

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