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People are often unaware when the existing health insurance policy they have has coverage gaps and benefits that are too low. With this in mind Pacific Prime Dubai has produced a handy, informative guide for people in Dubai that want more than what their current health insurance plan provides.

Identify where your plan comes up short

Some people can be insured for years only to realize once they finally have to use their insurance that their policy isn’t all that they thought it would be. Many plans – commonly those provided by employers – have gaps in coverage that can leave you with exposure to burdensome medical debt. Pacific Prime Dubai has created this guide to show you which gaps to be weary of, and explain how you can address this issue.

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A wealth of top-up insurance advice at your fingertips

To help you select and obtain the best insurance top-up solution, our guide addresses the most important tangible and intangible elements to consider when shopping for coverage. Within the guide you will find:

  • Background information on health insurance in Dubai
  • Dubai hospitals
  • Common gaps in health insurance plans
  • Costs of medical care in Dubai
  • Solutions to address coverage gaps

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Find out how to select the best top-up insurance options

Want superior insurance coverage? Get answers to your most pressing questions:

    1. What is top-up insurance?
    2. Why is top-up insurance necessary?
    3. What does an inadequate policy look like?
    4. How can Pacific Prime can help?

Find out more about Pacific Prime Dubai

Established in Hong Kong in 2000, Pacific Prime has grown from its humble beginnings to become the world’s international health insurance broker of choice. Visit our website, or check out our regularly updated blog to brush up your insurance knowledge:

Get a copy of the Dubai Insurance Top-up Guide 2018-2019 today

Get a complimentary copy of the Dubai Insurance Top-up Guide 2018-2019 today.

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